Nonprofits and Health Depts.


Let's work together

What if you could elevate your company by providing a service that is neglected by most organizations in your industry AND help your clients proactively solve a major issue at the same time? That is exactly what we at Legends Insurance Services are helping nonprofit organizations across the nation achieve through the utilization of our services.

For many people living with chronic and/or high-risk health conditions, obtaining life insurance can seem like an unobtainable goal. Few insurance carriers will accept them and information on the carriers that do is scarce. The reality is many people are declined several times before finally finding a company that will insure them.  Sadly, for some people the numerous rejections lead to a belief they will never qualify and they stop applying altogether.

At Legends Insurance Services, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to acquire life insurance. By adding us as a referral source for your staff and clients, you can not only enhance your case management services but also help your clients get one step closer to experiencing the security and peace of mind life insurance can give them and their families. We can provide informational sessions to your case managers, social workers or directly to your clients. It is a priority for us that your staff understands our processes so they can rest assured their clients are in good hands. By working together, we can ensure none of your clients are denied the life insurance protection their family deserves.